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Dr. Energy Saver Westchester specializes in Heating and cooling system repair, and more specifically the best air conditioning systems in New York. We can help you identify the most energy efficient cooling system to install in your home. It's a great time to replace or upgrade your older AC unit and make the most of your investment.

We are proud to be able to service all HVAC components in effort to provide optimum operating efficiency. Looking to update your air conditioning system with a new and improved replacement? Let us help you!

Contact us today to schedule your appointment for air conditioning repair, installation or service in Yonkers, New Rochelle, White Plains, Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Mount Vernon, Briarcliff Manor, Rye, Armonk, Larchmont, Katonah, Mahopac, Yorktown Heights, Pleasantville, Ossining, Cortlandt Manor, Port Chester, Carmel, Peekskill, Tarrytown, Mamaroneck, Purchase, Waccabuc, Bedford, Pound Ridge, Harrison, and all neighboring locations. You can trust us with all your HVAC repair and installation concerns. Installation and replacement estimates are free. Our repair and maintenance services come with a minimal fee.

Types of Air Conditioners

Central air conditioning systems provide conditioned air to entire houses. A ductwork system distributes the conditioned air, and also draws warmer air back to the cooling evaporator coil to be reconditioned. In many houses, a heat pump HVAC system provides both air conditioning and heating.

Ductless "mini-split" heat pumps can provide whole-house air conditioning just like central AC systems, but they do so without ductwork. Instead, compact air handler units are mounted on walls and ceilings to deliver conditioned air to different rooms.

Portable air conditionersare designed to cool and dehumidify the air in a single room. These small, box-shaped AC units mount in window or wall openings. Another type of portable air conditioner is designed to operate as freestanding unit positioned next to a window.

Evaporative "swamp" coolers are available as portable freestanding units and as central air conditioning systems. Also known as evaporative coolers or evaporative air conditioning systems, this type of air conditioning is not as common as other types that utilize heat pump technology.

Cooling + dehumidification = air conditioning

A contractor installing a unit in Yorktown Heights

"Cooling" and "air conditioning" are often used interchangeably when referring to the systems that keep interior temperatures more comfortable in hot weather. Technically, "air conditioning" is the more accurate term because as air is cooled, it also loses some of its moisture. Cooling + dehumidification = air conditioning.

No matter what term you use, it takes energy and money to maintain comfortable interior temperatures during hot weather. That's why it's helpful to learn a few basics about how different air conditioning systems work. 

If your air conditioning unit is damaged or not functioning properly, we at Dr. Energy Saver Westchester at your ac repair experts.

Sizing and rating air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are sized according to their BTU rating. A BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is a unit of energy about equal to the energy produced by a single match. Generally speaking, portable air conditioners will have a cooling capacity between 5,000 and 10,000 BTU.

Central air conditioning systems utilize a different sizing convention called the "ton." A "ton" of cooling capacity equals the amount of heat absorbed by one ton of ice melting over a 24-hour period. One ton of cooling capacity is equal to 12,000 BTU. Common household air conditioning systems may be from 1.5 to 5 tons, and you may have multiple units.

While BTUs and tons describe cooling capacity, EER and SEER ratings are used to describe an air conditioner's efficiency. The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) denotes the efficiency of a cooling system when the outdoor temperature is at a specific level (usually 95degrees F). Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is used to measure the efficiency of a cooling system over an entire cooling season. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit.

These days, air condition systems with a SEER of 16 or more are considered very good. 21 SEER systems are about the highest you can get these says. An air conditioning unit that is 12 years old or more, may only be 10 SEER or less. This means you can cut the amount of electricity you use for air conditioning in half just by making this upgrade alone! When you combine an air conditioning upgrade with other measures to save energy such as air sealing the house, adding insulation, sealing and insulation ducts, and a radiant barrier in your attic; you are saving big and making your home more comfortable! Dr. Energy Saver can accomplish this in your home!

Both portable and central air conditioning units should have EER and SEER ratings. SEER ratings will always be slightly higher than EER ratings. More efficient air conditioners are also likely to have earned a ENERGY STAR® rating, which means that they are at least 10% more efficient than the minimum standard established by the federal government.

Start Saving Energy and money with an Air Conditioning Repair or Upgrade.

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              Michael. I am calling you specifically to comment on today's service with Peter. What a great guy. Friendly and patient...and very thorough. Great personality representing. I don't know who does the hiring at your company, but this guy is a keeper. Thanks for the fantastic service today.
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              Dear Matt and Mike, After years of being convinced we didn’t need central a/c, we finally decided to do so for the most practical of reasons – future resale value. Your firm came highly recommended but so did your competitor’s, who did my next door neighbor’s house. We are so glad we picked you. You promised to work seamlessly around my office schedule because I did not want to close my home office; they did not. Plus, after you were finished and I had a bathroom remodeled, my electrician, roofer and contractor all remarked on what a good installation your firm did, although it looks like the international space station is hovering up in the attic eaves. Your men were impeccably neat and careful, they cleaned up well and always asked for my input when it was appropriate. They spent extra time staining the wooden duct collars to get the best possible match with my floors; your competitor offered only ugly white plastic ones. And my next door neighbor’s compressor platform has been dipping precipitously. We were so wrong about not needing a/c! Once your system was in, it was invisible…the house was simply cooler and much more comfortable. All your guidance was so helpful…you understood the engineering and found the best solutions at the best price. A 106 year-old house is no walk in the park, but it was business as usual for your team. Thanks for a professional (and I don’t use that term freely) job, Phyllis and Frank F.
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